Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trash or Treasure

I had to laugh at our family dynamics Sunday at the shower.

While Mama and Linda were mixing up the punch I would come along behind them and throw the sherbet containers in the trashcan.  I don't think Linda would have dug through the trash for them but she certainly did not want them in the trashcan. 
I was trying to keep the clutter down by putting the empty containers in the trashcan.
Linda and Mama were concerned with saving them for some future use.  

Linda announced to me she was her mother's child.
Mama said I was my grandmother's child. 
I think she meant her mother-in-law, my father's mother.

Today, I found their stash!
Between the pepper and paprika there they sat....the sherbet containers minus the two from the trash!  
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  1. well, they were nice sturdy plastic!
    By the way, it wasn't me. I don't know who washed those and put them there! I'll just bet you'll be glad they did the next time your grandkids are there and need a nice sturdy plastic bucket with a lid!!
    What I heard Mama say was that she was HER mother's child and I commented back that her mother was HER mother's child. We go a long way back as pack rats!

  2. It must have skipped a generation, because I am my grandmother's child! I would have saved the containers, too!

  3. I could have misunderstood because we were rushing around there. Sometimes, that saving gene crops up in me but I generally take from the Duncan side on that....that is, the "get rid of it" gene and sometimes, that is not a good thing when you get rid of things like the old John Deere child tricycle. :-(