Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Painting A Day: Papa's Arms

My students are now keeping me honest about getting a painting done a day.  They want to see what I got done each day.  
Papa's Arms (Watercolor 8" x 10")
Today as I was working on this painting that I did not finish yesterday evening because of more important commitments like family one of my students commented to me. 
 "Isn't that the painting you did yesterday?" 
 I have done so many at this point I was even getting confused and yesterday was so busy I had almost forgotten I had not finished what I had worked on for the day but I came to my senses and finally answered.
"Yes, it is.  I went to a performance yesterday evening that my grandchildren were in so I was not home until late and did not have time to finish this."
" are going to do two today?!"
"Aw-w!  Yes!  I am!"
So now I'm doing it!  

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  1. this one turned out really nice. I like the way you finished it up!