Monday, April 11, 2011

A Painting A Day Challenge to Self

A few years back I had the bright idea to do a painting a day.  
Now, this is not an original idea.  
You can search other blogs and see numerous ones who do this.  Truthfully, if you go back into their older posts you can track their development from the beginning and progress forward in time and see their growth. Usually they improve tremendously.
Painting a day Challenge

All good things.  
You remember your mother used to tell you that practice makes perfect.  
Well, I'm not so sure about perfect but you sure are not going to get better at anything without some practice. 
The other day I was cleaning out one of my many art stashes and came across this little 6 x 8 inch painting I did during this time.  I must not have valued it much.  It was stuffed between magazines, had a heavy crease in it from years of neglect.  I looked at it, remembering the day I painting it, the students in my class at the time, and the joy it gave me to be painting.   Now, looking at it I think it is a small jewel. 
Maybe, I had intended to go back in and get some more depth to the values and never "found the time".
(Oh, does that sound familiar to anyone else....the things we would do if "only we had the time"!)

 It did not take me long before I allowed the pressures of every day life to get in the way and soon I abandoned the idea of doing a painting a day.  But now, as I am getting older I feel a real need to get back to doing some of the things in my life that give me inspiration and pleasure.

Before spring break I challenged myself to use some sort of creativity daily for a month.  I rose to that challenge for the most part I was able to keep up the pace sometimes with just a small sketch that only took an hour or so, some days dedicated to painting.  All but a couple of days since I have found time to cram in a little sketching, painting or some sort of creative task. 

Well, that month has come and gone and now, I need to challenge myself again.

So here it are my witnesses to keep me accountable...I am going to do a painting a day (except for the Lord's Day and then I will be inspired by the great artist Himself.) for six weeks.

They will not be big but they will be done!
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  1. Thank you, Daniel, for your kind comment. I appreciate it.

  2. You should frame some of your little jewels and put them around to remind you to do more! I know a good framer!
    I love the little painting.

  3. I should! I'll bet I could get a good deal, too!

  4. It is a small jewel. I really like the limited palette.

  5. Thank you, Patricia. I love working with a limited palette but don't do it often. I do find that working smaller and working daily helps me to loosen up and be more experimental than usual. I think it helps me to stop taking myself so seriously and enjoy being an artist.