Friday, April 15, 2011

A Painting A Day: A Pebble In My Shoe

Now that was fun!
Pebble in My Shoe (Watercolor 6" x 9")

It all seemed to go so well.  No stress!  
This is really a small painting.  The boys heads would fit on a quarter with room to spare. 
Several years ago I took this picture of these three boys about twelve years old who were playing in the river on the fourth of July.  One boy stopped to get the pebble out of his shoe and his companions all turned their attention to their injured friend.  I loved how the sun played on their shoulders.   I always thought it would make a good painting.
My students have used the photo but I never did.  
Finally today I thought my chance is here.
I need to do this.  
I sat down with the white of the paper and got it drawn quickly and snap!  It was done! 
That is the way it should be!  
I hope all find their Friday to be a fun relaxing evening!  

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  1. I love it! Yes, the light on their shoulders is striking (so to speak).

  2. I "gifted" it to Caleb and Gaby last night in honor of the the coming event....another boy!
    They told me I could "tell the world" so I think I just put it out there!