Friday, April 1, 2011

It Seams to be Sew

I received a gift today! 

Purses from Lana

It all started during spring break when I went with Linda to Houston to meet her blogging buddy, Lana.  
Lana is a bubbly young woman, full of energy and ideas and the spirit of God.  
We are sitting there getting to know each other....first meeting although Linda and Lana have been communicating for awhile through the blog connection....Lana reaches into her purse and pulls out two little pocket purses for each of us, just the right size for business cards, credit cards, drivers license, etc.  
Lana sews.
Specifically, Lana quilts.
She makes quilts, and purses, and all sorts of cute little things.  
Today I received a little purse she made.  
I love it!  
It is beautifully made.  
Stitches are exact and the purse is well constructed. 
Thank you, Lana!  
You are a gift from God!

Follow this link to Lana's blog to see more.
It Seams to be Sew

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  1. I agree with everything you said! I do think God puts people in our path for reasons that only he knows. What a wonderful adventure! Lana doesn't know what she's in for being friends with the "pixilated sisters"!

  2. Hey there my favorite girlies!!!!
    I am thrilled you like it...that's the best part about making them! I can't wait to hang out more...even if I don't know what I am in for! LOL!