Friday, April 29, 2011

Organization for the Busy Lady

Organizing Jewelry!
Sunday morning I was going through my necklaces that were all hanging from my towel hook next to my mirror in the bathroom, searching for a particular necklace and having to untangle it from the others that have attached themselves....a very frustrating time all the while thinking if I would just hang them individually it would be so easy.  

J-Hook Push Pins
It all started so innocently.  I am one of the buyers for my son's frame shop and because I am buying jewelry for the shop; I am buying jewelry for myself.  Over the period of time we have had jewelry in the shop I have accumulated a good many pieces of jewelry.  Storing the jewelry became a problem when the sheer number of pieces became more than was my jewelry organizers, boxes, etc would hold.   When I had Lee install a decorative towel hook next to my bathroom mirror for my hand towel I hung a necklace there as I took it off.  The next night I did the same thing and before long I had a dozen necklaces (or more) hanging on the towel hook, crowding out the towel long ago and piling one necklace over the other making it hard to get to the bottom necklace.  Plus there were necklaces downstairs on the table, next to the phone, in the studio next to my painting, next to the laptop on the understand....I have a good many pieces and organization had no true meaning when it comes to jewelry. I had pieces I had forgotten I owned. 

I thought I would purchase a piece of plywood, cover it, frame it and put decorative hooks on it and hang the frame behind the door.  
Great idea!  
Never got done!
I got as far as buying the plywood which turned out to be a great purchase.  I use it daily with my Painting a Day challenge as the board to which I stretch my watercolor paintings.  

Recently at the grocery store I was on a mission to purchase push pins for my students when I found J-Hook push pins that looked interesting to me and I threw them in my basket. 
They are cheap-cheap-cheap.  
Just a little nail inserted into a button of plastic that has a plastic hook hanging on it.  
In five minutes I lined up the push pins on my wall behind the closet door and hung my necklaces on them.  
Behind my closet door inside my closet
The push pins come 40 to a box and I need to buy a new box to hang the rest of my jewelry.
Let's see....what shall I wear today? 

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