Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just in Time for Easter: A Pinata

Just in time for Easter!
Maria, Gaby's mother makes the most beautiful pinatas I have ever seen. 
  • She starts with a balloon for the armature and attaches cardboard (poster board) folded around the balloon to create a cone shape for the bottom of the carrot using masking tape to secure in place.
  • She mixes up flour and water to create a paste and layers newspaper over the armature making sure to get all the newspaper wet with the paste and then allows it to dry.  
  • Several layers are applied until the pinata is sturdy enough not to cave in easily when dry but not so hard that the kids can't break it.
  • Egg shells are cleaned and dried and are then filled with confetti.  
  • The confetti is encased into the egg shell with a cover of newspaper glued to open end.  
  • Then using hot glue the eggs are glued in place on the pinata.  
  • At this time the eggs can be spray painted.  
  • Using colored tissue paper cut into small squares each square is scrunched and hot glued into place crowding around the confetti egg shells. 
  • Long streamers of tissue paper can be applied at the bottom.  
  • Various shapes and colors can be used.   
  • Of course, cut a slit in the pinata and fill it with candy.  
It is a sacrifice to allow the children to break these beautiful pinatas but when they do  confetti and candy rain down on them. 

These two are on display at Royal Frame Works In Pleasanton, Texas at Caleb and Gaby's shop.  

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  1. These are so pretty! I remember the one she did for the wedding. Who would have thought of a pinata at a wedding, but it was perfect!
    They are also in time for Fiesta!

  2. How unique! I love them! I think I will make one just for me and Mr. Bill. :)